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5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Resort

Choosing the right resort for you depends entirely and utterly on your needs. One resort might be perfect for you, but it might be the last thing someone else needs. You might overlook the commercial-grade bath towels because you use the resort as a rest stop between tourist destinations. They might ruin the mood for someone looking to relax at the spa activities in the resort.

Here are the essential points you need to know before you commit to a resort.

Do You Want to Relax or Explore?

Make up your mind about how you want your vacation to go. Maybe you want to spend your holiday on a poolside sipping Pina Coladas and only getting up to eat. Then you want a small resort in a remote location. There is going to be significantly less noise and crowd. You can relax in peace.
Maybe you want to leave the resort in the morning to visit tourist attractions, go snorkelling, go on a hiking trail, or see the local culinary scene. It would help if you chose a close resort to those tourist destinations because you will only come back to the lodge in the evening to rest. You don't want a remote resort in the wilderness or a small Caribbean resort that won't have your itinerary's preferred activities.
Or, maybe you want to enjoy parties in clubs and bars in the late evening. Then you would need to book a resort close to a city center that has access to some nightlife. It's all about what do you want.

What is the nature of your trip?

Some resorts are perfect for family vacations with your siblings, children, and parents. These resorts will have child care facilities and other attractions to make your kids' vacation a fun adventure.
Or, maybe you are going with your single friends looking to party. Then it would help if you ultimately had utterly different activities and environments to have the best time. You would want a resort with activities for energetic young adults like beach sports, hiking, bars, and a party atmosphere.
Or, you might be looking for a resort to go on a romantic trip with your significant other. You would do best to choose one of the many couples-only resorts designed to help you rekindle the spark of love.

How to ensure your budget is best spent?

Budget is probably the most critical decision factor in your vacation, even if you find the perfect resort for your trip based on the brochure, the website, and the calls you have made. But how do you know for sure that your money is being well spent? Find a good travel agent to get a second opinion.
Travel agents know what is worth your money and time. The website is going to tell you to pay extra for an oceanview suite. Your travel agent will help you decide by giving their personal experience and the experiences of previous vacationers.
Travel agents can help you with airfare, get better deals and discounts you won't discover yourself. They are almost always worth getting.

Can You Read the Fine Print?

Travel agents also know about the fine print. The easiest resort experience is that of an all-inclusive resort with everything prepaid. But there is always a fine print that you may only find about when you reach the restaurant if you are not careful.
Maybe there is a tipping policy that is going to add up to hundreds of dollars quickly. Perhaps the alcohol or the food included in the program are low-quality services, while premium liquor and restaurants will require extra charges.
Travel agents familiar with the resort know the fine print inside and tell you about all the deal-breakers beforehand. But you can research and find the fine print yourself too.

Will All-Inclusive Resorts Work for You?

Maybe yes, maybe no. All-inclusive resorts often include unlimited alcohol for you. That might be a complete waste if you don't drink. Some all-inclusive resorts have free theatre shows while you might be a book person looking to read a book by a bonfire. They might include a shuttle service to take you to nearby beaches or attractions while you are not looking to go there at all. Or they might consist of credits for gold courses.
All these are instances of things you will pay for without actually taking part or enjoying them. So if you are a person who enjoys their own company, wants to relax without too many energy-intensive activities, is not looking to get black-out drunk, then all-inclusive deals might not be worth it for you.
Lastly, check out the resort's rating and the loyalty program. If the spa has good ratings and has a loyalty program that will save you significant money on your next trip, that is always a big plus, especially if you are looking for a safe family vacation.

Author : Amber Roy